We are a design studio
called .

We are a team of experts in design, product and branding.
From our Berlin homebase, we work for companies around the globe.


What we do
We run design projects
from strategy to production.

business processes

We have a history with B2B. From »new work« to business automation, accounting, contracting, leadership training, property management, … there are few topics we haven’t digitalized. And we quite like those dry topics. Enterprise software should live up to consumer grade experience: easy to understand and fun to use.

digital products

Why are some apps more often used than others? It might be to complex to use or badly designed. Or even the wrong product for the wrong audience. We constantly challenge ideas in our design process, gather insights and iterate the design. We believe the world needs less products, but better ones.

Bringing it on-brand

Brand isn't just a logo. It is how a product contributes to an overall experience. It’s about how you talk, how you look and maybe even how your page is loading. For a digital product, it can manifest in things like design systems, brand guides, tone of voice or illustrations.

A word from a client.

»Boana understands the intersection between business processes and product development and guided us through the whole process of rebranding our company.«

Anthony Hsiao
CEO Matterway

It all comes down to a few things
when creating a …

Digital Product
Brand Experience
Marketing Material
Strategy & Research
User research

Ideation & validation

Product strategy
UX audit
Roadmap planing
Brand strategy
Tone of Voice
Brand identity
Brand rollout planing
Channel strategy
Communications strategy

Design & Test
Product design UX/UI
User testing
Design systems
Brand name creation
Brand & logo design
Tone of voice
Responsive Websites
Advertising & campaings
Pitch decks
Build & Enhance
Design iterations
Quality control
Frontend development
Coaching teams
Brand & style guides
Brand designs iterations
Coaching teams
Frontend Development
Conversion optimization