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Complete makeover for a record pool from NYC

Digital DJ Pool offers a music subscription for major radio and club DJs. Boana redesigned the product expereince of web and mobile apps and renewed the branding.

Client in NYC, Studio in Berlin. This means remote workshops and video chats with bulletproof briefings.

Hang on.
There is also a mobile app.

Still up for more?
We also gave the brand a quick face‑lift.

We designed an app that improves life inside buildings for Allthings.

The digital tenant platform Allthings brings together asset managers, tenants and real estate companies. Boana helped them transforming their business idea into a product within their first steps on the market.

UX design for digital soft skill learning

The Berlin based startup Intao offers a digital and sustained way of learning to employees in corporate environments. Boana designed the learning experience and renamed the product.

Up for more?
We also designed brand and tonality.

We designed a one-pager and register flow for the product launch.

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Two questions we hear often.
How long does it take to …