The screen size map.

Yes, this is a map of popular screen sizes used with web browsers. It should provide you with an overview when planing for responsive web design. This map is work in progress. If you find anything missing or wrong: please ping us. If you like it: feel free to share it.

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Units and values

Displays come in various resolutions, such as Retina, HD or 4K. This map uses an unit called device-independent-pixel (dp), which is not considering different screen resolutions. Instead dp is a unit used by designers and developers to set the sizes and values of layout elements for websites – no matter in which pixel density they will be rendered on a device.

Screensize groups

We grouped screen sizes for the purpose of visualisation. They don't necessarily have to be seen as breakpoints in a responsive design.

Extra-Extra-Large min 1440 Exra-Large 1024 - 1440 Large 800- 1024 Medium 600 - 800 Small 414 - 600 Extra-Small max 414