UX design in sprints.
Let’s improve your digital product.

We work in sprints to be
fast and planable.

Over the past three years, we have optimized our work processes in various UX projects. During that time, we looked at different methods such as scrum, design sprints and lean UX. We consolidated our learnings in a new working approach – the »UX Sprint«.

The UX Sprint

Our UX sprint takes two weeks and is divided in a week of co-creation and user testing and a second week of remote elaboration in our design studio.

During each sprint, we iterate a design steadily with real business and user-insights and are able to ship to developers faster. We tend to work closely with developers and product owners, rather than polishing details in a layout file. To bring better results to your product - faster.

No overplanning – less risks

Time is over for gigantic project planing and estimations and – more sooner than later – seeing them run out of scope. The truth: Most challenges occur after working started.

This is why we believe in constant improvement. Sprint based project planing enables us to quickly update scope or time estimations - to prove the best outcome for your project.

Output is shipped biweekly.

Layouts & prototypes

We ship clickable high-fidelity prototypes. They work great to run user testings, pitch your idea further and even contains all the layouts to start development .

User stories

We base our planning and scoping on a jointly created user story map. Use it in your JIRA, Notion, etc. Less work on your side.

Tested & validated

Did you know: Asking five users brings the perfect benefit-cost ratio for user testings. User testings are an integral part of our design process .

Let’s look at a case.

A crypto currency dashboard for Maker DAO

In an unsteady market, Maker DAO envisioned a way to create stable crypto coins. We supported them, making the solution understandable, usable and fun for their users.

UX concept workshop with the product team of the client in our garden office. CTO hides behind a pear tree to grab a call. 😎

Illustrations and icons shaped the brand and articulate values.

How to reach product excellence?

Step by step to greater levels of detail

5 The little WOWs Delivering the little »Wows« and »Ahhhs« creates the outstanding experience your customers will crave for. It’s the cherry on the cake.
4 Branded product Having a well-designed product is one thing. Bringing your brand values into your product is another layer of design.
3 Designed user interface As designers we love well done things. But the value of design is actually much more - it increases the users engagement and trust in your product.
2 Extended functionality To grow your user base it is crucial to provide a full set of meaningful functionalities, combine them seamlessly and bring them on many devices.
1 Tested concept & prototype It all starts with an idea. But is it the right one? We design and test prototypes to create a product which fits your customers needs.

We work for big brands, disruptive startups,
established SMEs and fancy agencies.