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We are a design studio for UX/UI & Branding.

We are working for big brands, disruptive startups,
established SMEs and fancy agencies.

Two questions we hear often.
How long does it take to …

Let's look at a
recent case.

Branding & marketing for a B2B startup

Matterway changes the way humans interact with enterprise software. We helped them rebrand the company, design their product and supported them throughout their transformation.

We refined brand values and subsequently renamed and redesigned the brand.

The brand values set the stage for the design process.
We discussed 60+ brand names and mocked up over 16 design directions to find the perfect one. 👾

Have a look at the all-new marketing materials ...

We employed a modular illustration style to effectively communicate Matterway's technical capabilities.

»Boana understands the intersection between business processes and product development and guided us through the whole process of rebranding our company.«

Anthony Hsiao
CEO Matterway

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