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Boana is seeking IT-students to become part of our software design team in Berlin. You’ll code and craft web applications. That would include work on front-end and back-end. But since we are a designs studio, we have a special relationship to front-ends. Working closely with designers, you will bridge the gap between ideas and implementation.

You will design and develop overall architectures of web applications, set up backends and communication with databases and implement screen layouts with an eye for details.
Some things you should know, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL and maybe some Drupal, Wordpress or another content management systems. We are not keen on reading long skill lists. We rather believe that the right approaches drive good software, that’s why we are even more interested to hear your thoughts on asynchronous request handling, performance optimization, reusable code, progressive enhancement, cross-browser compatibility, SEO, data migration or whatever you think is important these days.

We know that you need to focus on your studies. So, your job at Boana will be part-time.
You will become part of our intergalactic team, with people from different countries. Therefore, English is required, but we’ll be happy to help you improving.

Who is Boana?

We are a Design Studio for Software based in Berlin. We are small, passionate and obsessed with details. We believe that happiness produces good products.
We partner with startups, big organisations and agencies from all over the world. From time to time, we spin off our own products.

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